Kevlar Assist Cord

Make your own assist hooks, for a wide variety of fishing.  Making your assist hooks is easy, saves you money and allows you to fine tune your presentation. We have this USA made Western Filament cord in natural yellow, so there is no red dye to stain your hands, tests of #100,#200, #300, #500 and #700 are stock items in 100 foot spools. This is solid line and assist hooks are made in the “over hand knot method” shown below.

We stock the 100 foot spools, but 300 and 1,000 foot bulk spools are available by special order.

Nominal diameters in inches

100 lb = .024

200 lb = .030

300 lb = .049"-.050"

500 lb = .068"

700 lb = .090"

Kevlar assist cord